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World Handicapping System

Every four years the WHS™ Rules of Handicapping are reviewed by the USGA and R&A, with changes planned within GB&I to take effect from the 1st of April 2024.

As these changes will impact clubs and golfers, England Golf are offering club delegates the opportunity to attend a face-to-face workshop as part of their commitment to supporting and educating the golfing community, on the key subjects of handicapping and Course Rating™.

These workshops, which can be viewed HERE, will clarify the changes coming into effect, terms of competition, WHS™ Portal reports, and provide delegates with an opportunity to ask questions linked to the Rules of Handicapping and Course Rating.

Important WHS 2024 Updates
County and Club 2024 Updates

Rules of Handicapping 2024

Expected Score Video
Course Rating minus Par Video

Major Changes (effective 1st April 2024)

  • Course Handicap using CR – Par
  • Inclusion of shorter-length Golf courses within the Course Rating System
  • Inclusion of 4BBB Scores
  • Use of Expected Score for a hole not played
  • PCC Adjustments made more frequently
  • Enhanced guidance on conducting a Handicap Review
  • Rounding

The updated Player Guide provides an overview of the WHS and outlines the basic information about handicapping in golf. 

Standardisation of Par

England Golf strongly recommend Standardising Par on all tee sets, which could involve possible changes to stroke indexes.

This change would alleviate the need for a mixed tee calculator.

Four Ball Better Ball

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This will only apply to 4BBB Stroke Play competitions and would only apply if:

  • Teams net score is 6 or better than Par or 42 points
  • Players individual score counted on at least 9 holes
  • Players individual score is better than or equal to 36 points


Currently a player’s course handicap is calculated as an integer.

This is changing to an unrounded number which is then used in calculating the playing handicap based upon the handicap allowance.




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