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WHS Enquiries Update

England Golf on Tuesday issued an update on how things are progressing with the recent introduction of the World Handicap System. The World Handicap System is now into its second week of operation in England and the bedding in process continues. In the past week there has been a transition of data on an unprecedented scale: 

Around 15 million items of historical scoring data have been transferred from the CDH to the new WHS Platform

Nearly 600,000 individual playing records have been added to the WHS Platform

Over 200,000 golfers have registered on the system since it was launched on 2 November

As expected with such a huge transfer of data, there are elements of the new system that require adaptation and number of operational challenges to be addressed. England Golf thank all golfers and clubs for showing patience and understanding of their workload as they iron out the technical difficulties many of which were anticipated, but which could only be properly addressed once the system went live.

In order to help clubs and golfers who have emailed England Golf with a query, but have yet to receive an individual reply, they highlight the main areas of ongoing work.

Apart from informing England Golf about a requirement to map tees, there is no need to contact them on any of the following points as either the solutions are provided below, or they are already working with the platform provider to update the system as swiftly as possible.   


If any scores (before 2 November 2020) from a golfer’s playing record do not appear on the WHS system this is down to the fact that the information was never transferred to the CDH via the club’s software.

Golfers can ask that the home club posts these directly onto the England Golf WHS Golf Club Platform. England Golf are also in conversation with club software providers to facilitate a transfer of ‘missing’ scores which only appear on club records.  


Scores within a player’s record that show as ‘pending’ are being looked into and England Golf are working quickly to resolve this matter.


Data relevant to tees and the mapping of courses which was either incomplete or incorrectly transferred by clubs from their system to the WHS platform is now being manually processed by England Golf staff.


England Golf have received feedback from some members experiencing problems trying to log in and register via certain web browsers.

For now, golfers can confidently use Google Chrome to register and log in while England Golf work on resolving technical errors with other providers in the coming days.


Once logged in to the system, some members may experience a problem with fields such as the name of their county. A fix to this issue is now in development.


Members should be aware that when asked to input their Membership ID during login, this refers to their CDH number. Golfers who do not know their CDH number can request this from their club. Golfers should take extra care when inputting this 10-digit number to reduce chance of user error.


For any other issues, please contact England Golf with as much detail as possible and a screenshot of the page where any error is displayed. This will help speed up their response time. Please be patient when awaiting a reply - England Golf staff are working as quickly as possible to deal with an increased number of emails.

You can contact England Golf for specific WHS enquiries at

Additionally you can look at toolkits, resources and FAQs? Whilst England Golf will endeavour to answer any WHS-related queries as soon as possible, you may find answers to many of your questions on their website and through their resources on WHS:

Golfer Toolkit

Golf Club Toolkit

WHS Homepage

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WHS Golfer FAQs

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